The world’s #1 proofreader


The work

Ginger's writing app offers you a better way to write in English. Get everything you need to quickly compose high-quality text that amplifies your message, everywhere you write.


The Challenge

Ginger is committed for delivering first class user experience in their Ginger Page product. Kimaia helped Ginger to bring the power of their NLP engine and their experience with language and writing aids into the mobile world. 

In the past year we delivered a favorites feature, added a personal dictionary, optimized the app for Tablet workflow, such as special 2 pane view and sharing capabilities.

The Process

In order to deliver top notch performance and user experience, we built a native app. The first version was released for iOS 8 and was written in Objective-C. Over the years we’ve since updated the app to support iOS 10 and ported the active parts of the code to Swift.


The industry’s leading crisis communication app.


The Work

The AtHoc mobile app was created to enable first responders in crisis situations to communicate with each other on site, sending alerts, location, and actionable information, pictures of the site and field reports.

AtHoc is a rescue project in which we were asked to rewrite the entire code of an exciting app that just didn't deliver.

The new app had to run on all platforms, with the highest standard of quality.


The Challenge

This app was designed to cut response time and save lives in real emergency crisis situations.

It services first responders, federal government agencies, defense and military forces and as such, leaves no margin of error. The quality assurance of AtHoc had to be of the highest level, performing fast and accurately on all devices.

The Process

To ensure a functioning app on all devices while cutting time and cost of development, we rewrote AtHoc app using Xamarin, a cross-platform development software that enables developing native apps for different platforms simultaneously.

Throughout the entire project we insured the highest level of quality by using agile methodologies, writing development unit testing, automated testing, running quick cycles between development and QA to bring the app to maximum performance.

AtHoc was awarded the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology (SAFETY) Act Designation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); the first company to receive this recognition.


Connecting with your community.

The Work 

Kimaia's first in-house app, Mekomi is a communication system that connects the local authority/organization with the people of the community.

Mekomi, was created to provide an easy and accessible solution for information flow within communities in a way that allows the members of the community to choose and filter what information they're interested in receiving and how.

The Challenge 

Mekomi is unique in identifying the need of the public to know what's going on in their community, without giving up a noise-free environment and the right to choose what information they receive.

Our goal was to reach every member of the community - no one was left behind. This meant creating a product that supports all types of devices and platforms and can address high traffic loads.

The Process 

Our product was developed in the true belief that our solution is better than any existing solution in the market, and as such we created an app with an excellent user experience, that's accessible to and reaches the entire population of the community, and that's scalable to communities of all sizes.

We accomplished this by using advanced technology and the highest level of service and support. In turn, the number of customers and users is constantly growing, all the while maintaining a high percentage of installation and satisfaction among our customers.

Kimaia is owner of all development, sales and support.


Financial trading platform.

The work

Fibiz is a financial technology company that develops innovative concepts for financial trading, using cutting-edge technology and sophisticated designs.

This mobile app is a binary options & forex trading platform that allows investors to trade with some of the best investments in the stock market. Fibiz is a fast, easy-to-use game where traders can practice trading and play for free with virtual currency (Freebiz) before they actually buy stocks or exchange currencies.


The challenge

Fibiz Technologies is a start-up and as such needed to go live in a very short period of time. The Fibiz's delivery team members, including developers, testers, project managers, designers, and product-managers, are located in four different countries across the globe. This presented a real challenge in terms of managing communication and work flow and meeting those tight go-live deadlines.


The Process

Fibiz is the first rescue project in which we were called in first to help manage the project, and only after stabilizing the team and work flow, did we get involved in the development and QA testing.

To minimize the geographical gap and work as a team, we took advantage of digital communication and procedural tools to overcome the distances between the team members.

We also conducted periodical Hackathons - bringing the entire delivery team together for a full week of intensive work to push the product forward and stick to the desired time frames.


Transforming a residential complex into a community.


The Work

FinchLiving App was initiated by a leading real estate developer and property management company seeking to improve and enhance the daily lives of their residential communities.

Our job was to create a mobile community through which the residents can meet up with their neighbors, organize events, offer a skill or service and take advantage of perks offered by local businesses - making the community a home.


The Challenge

We set out to create a rich mobile application that allows managing both all aspects of social activity within the community, as well as communication with property management in a user-friendly fashion that is suitable for all types of users.


The Process

Events, News & Posts are shown in a dynamic scroll feed, where people can comment and "like" in response.

A Finch promoted profile provides community members with a platform to offer services or operations, and contact details, upload their videos and let people get to know them.

Users can search for service providers by categories, can send a message or announce a spontaneous event in one of the centers of the community. Users can also register by click to events and have them added to their personal calendar while defining notification settings.



The work

A binary stock options trading game/application with social features letting users play against their friends.


The challenge:

Create a viral and engaging trading game. 

For that we needed to solve the following challenges:

1.    Low latency is crucial for trading apps

2.    Lots of animations and support for low-end devices on both iOS and Android

3.    We needed to deliver features fast and in an agile way so that the app can adapt to the users

The Solution:

We formed a team composed of a project manager, developers and QA engineer that worked in sprints.

The client was getting weekly builds so he can try them and give us feedback while we were developing.

This process enabled the client to direct the app easily without having to write exhausting requirements and still understand exactly what he is getting.

To enable low latency, we built the backend of the app on Azure and used WebSockets. Using WebSockets, the server can push updates and events to the app immediately (as opposed to polling where there is always some delay).

For the app, we used Xamarin which enabled us to write native code for the UI and animations while sharing the code for the app's business logic and networking. 

Finally, automated UI tests running on mobile cloud enabled us to test the app on a wide range of devices. 

Together with Kimaia's own collection of test devices, we delivered the app fast and with great quality.


The Work

Start, by Celltick LTD, is a globally deployed lock screen with quick access to content.

We enhanced the background of the lock screen from a static image to an animated background including games and other exciting content.


Over 15,000,000 downloads!


The Challenge

In addition to creating a beautiful and rich animated background, we were asked to make it available as a separate APK (i.e. application) so that if Start was previously installed on a device, it would automatically find the new background and display it. If it was not installed, running the new APK would invoke the installation of Start.

The Solution

We delivered a complete SDK for the implementation of Lockscreen Games, enabling third party providers to implement animated games for Start.

In addition to the SDK and complete set of tutorials, we also implemented six different high-quality games.

Lockscreen Games were proudly displayed by Celltick at the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona.


A digital solution for storage management.


The Work

ArgaZone was initiated by a local cold-storage company in seek of a digital solution for managing, monitoring and locating the produce kept in storage.

​The Challenge

The magnitude of the cold rooms, the many different growers and the vast variety of produce kept in storage (34K tons), created the need for an accurate, time-efficient tool to organize and locate specific produce at any given time and to manage vacant space within the cold rooms.

This tool needed to service both the stock-keepers on site who physically add and extract the produce, as well as the administrative staff who manage the incoming and outgoing of the stock. All the while constantly updating and reporting changes made in real-time.


The Process

Using Unity development platform, we were able to build high-quality 3D and 2D models of the cold rooms. Within each cold room, we created a clear and beautiful visual layout organizing the produce by grower, variety, ripening date and more.

This made it possible for the stock-keepers to manage the comings and goings of the different products in real-time with just a tablet in hand. It allowed a fast and easy way to locate a specific crate of produce by filtering the desired grower/type/date and pin pointing its location in the cold room.

We provided a web interface to remotely follow all changes being made in real-time with the option to receive daily updates, reports and notifications.