our development services

We are proud to offer professional development services for creating mobile applications.

Here are some of the services we offer. Call us and we will help you build your next mobile application in the technology and budget that are right for you.


► Cross platform development

► Platform Migration - IOS↔Android

► 3D Applications

► SDK Development

► Games for mobile

► Web Development

► Rescue Projects

 Cross platform development

iOS or Android? Let's build both.

Choosing which platform to use for your app can be confusing. While each platform has its pros and cons, sometimes the best solution is to develop both platforms simultaneously.

With the use of React Native or Xamarin, a cross platform mobile development tool, we deliver native apps for Android and iOS in a fraction of the time it takes to develop for one platform and then the other.


We have successfully developed numerous apps using these tools - writing the majority of the app in shared code, we save our clients time and money while still delivering native apps in look, feel and function.

► Platform Migration - iOS ↔ Android

If you plan on developing an app to suit both Android and iOS ↔ platform migration is a must.

However, these operating systems and interfaces differ greatly from one another, which is why specialized expertise are necessary for performing platform migration successfully and flawlessly.


Our team consists of experts on each platform as well as many developers who master both. We have the experience and knowhow to ensure smooth sailing to that second desired platform.

► 3D Applications

Converting a three-dimensional domain into a two-dimensional screen.


3D programming requires in-depth mathematical skills, years of hands-on programming experience, object oriented programming and design methodologies, and of course, mastering Unity – the leading development environment for 3D applications.

Kimaia's programmers have years of experience and are highly trained in Unity, iOS, and Android operating systems, which is why choosing Kimaia to deliver your 3D apps is the safest and most effective choice. Guaranteed!

► SDK Development

We have the skills, the experience, and the expertise to develop and deliver a Software Development Kit to your doorstep, documentation and all good to go.


External SDKs are a totally different ball game in comparison to regular hardware and firmware - the many numbers of operating systems, programming languages, server aspects, and the level of abstraction needed in addition to standard server-client architecture when developing an SDK – rest assure, we've got it all covered.

► Games for mobile

Whether you own the copyrights to a game and want it to go mobile, or have an idea for a new and exciting game.

Kimaia specializes in all aspects of game development for mobile devices and has vast experience in the field.

Our specialties include graphics, visual effects and 3D, AI modules, multiplayer games, payment solutions and social network integration.

We've developed games for many leading brands of card and board games, including Rummikub, Taki, SpotN'Slot and many others.

► Web Development

Back office administrative solution.


Back office administration tasks are repetitive, but necessary administrative duties that aren’t necessarily the core of the business but are vital to the efficient service-delivering systems of the organization.


We can handle all your back office needs so that you can reclaim valuable time in taking care of your business.

► Rescue Projects

Where others have failed, we will succeed – Kimaia to the rescue!

A mobile-related project is always a complex and demanding activity that requires multidisciplinary knowledge, integration, and creativity.

About a third of our projects are rescued projects – which we quickly turn into success stories time and time again.