Kimaia is your commando unit
for mobile apps development


  • Kimaia is your dream team of mobile app pros.

  • Our experts specialize in the mobile environment, both on Android and iOS.

  • We will rescue your mobile app development projects and turn them into success stories.


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What we offer:

  • A well-thought, well-tested, and well-practiced mobile project methodology that will
    match your schedule, cost, and quality goals.

  • A preemptive analysis and mitigation strategy to lower risks and uncertainties.

  • Iterative bi-weekly scrums, with its own QA phase and working deliverable.

  • High-resolution analytics to gauge user behavior and app usability.

  • Intensive QA, both manual and automated, to make sure of functionality, device and
    O/S coverage, regressions, and backward compatibility.

  • Cooperation with your internal dev team.

  • A detailed project file and perform a knowledge handover to the internal team at
    any desired point.

  • We maintain (or assist maintaining if so desired) the app code, handling issues
    reported by users and O/S version changes.