Platform Migration

If you plan on developing an app to suit both Android and iOS – platform migration is a must. However, operating systems and interfaces differ greatly between the two, which is why specialized expertise is necessary for performing platform migration successfully and flawlessly.

Kimaiahas the proven knowhow and experience to do exactly that and we would like to share some of our insights.

The Problem: These platforms differ greatly from each other. The team that develops the first version obviously specializes in that platform, is often biased towards it, and will most likely not provide as professional a product the second time around.

The Solution: There are a number of possible solutions, the first one being developing an app for both platforms at the same time. Unfortunately, this may slow the process down significantly delaying the time-to-market, while increasing costs.

A Better Solution: A much better solution would be to build the first app upon the preferred platform, and then employing migration specialists such as Kimaia to adapt the product to the alternative platforms.

Choosing a Migration Provider:

  1. Experience and knowhow – Choose a migration provider that is truly experienced in both platforms. Ask to see previous migrated apps.
  2. Handover Procedure – Make sure the migration team has a structured handover procedure at the end of the project – so that your own team can maintain the migrated project independently. A low cost, off shore provider may not be the best solution because of the handover process – or lack thereof.
  3. Costs – Remember that the road to the second platform is always smoother, as your team has already cleared integration obstacles, resolved logical algorithms, etc. As most learning cycles are eliminated from the second process, developing the second platform will probably cost about 30% of the cost of the first one (i.e., 70% less than the first one).
  4. Make sure you choose an established migration provider who is in it for the long run. Freelancers may be cheaper, and may even have the necessary experience, but often drop out of the market after short periods of time.
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