Games for Mobile Devices

Do you own the copyright to a card game or board game? If so, you are probably interested in creating a version of the game for mobile devices. After all, distribution is simple and selling via In-App Purchases is a great way to generate additional revenue.
Research, however, shows that mobile versions of games do not always provide users with the same level of enjoyment as with the actual original game.
There are many reasons why this occurs, including:

  • Graphics on a mobile version are often designed at a lower standard compared to the original
  • Moving cards on a touch screen is not always smooth or easy
  • Visual effects such as shuffling or dealing cards are sometimes omitted from the mobile version, leaving the user with just the technical aspects of the game
  • Mobile versions of game are often intended for just one person who plays against virtual players, who are not always as good or as challenging as real players

These difficulties can of course be eliminated with the help of an excellent developer and provider such as Kimaia, who has proven success in the field of developing mobile games. For example, when playing a game against the mobile device with one or more virtual players, the application needs to include a powerful module of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If it is too weak, the user may feel that playing against the computer is not really a challenge. But if on the other hand the AI module is too strong, the user may become frustrated. That is why the AI needs to be just right, and developed by a highly experienced developer.
Over time, users become less satisfied with single player modes and demand multiplayer games, where users in different locations can play against each other via the internet. This may sound simple to achieve, but it is not. Ensuring a smooth and fun multiple-user game requires skill and vast server logic.
And what about the even more complex scenario where the game is played partly with AI, for example when a card game for four people is played by two people and two virtual AIs. This too requires specific expertise and knowhow.
At Kimaia we specialize in all aspects of developing games for mobile devices and have vast experience in the field. That is why Kimaia, through its subsidiary Kinkagoo Games, is the sole provider for many leading brands of card and board games, including Rummikub, Taki, Halli Galli and many others.

We have walked the walk and we deliver high quality games for mobile!

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